Blogging 101, #2, #3 & #5: Refine & Define

Whoopies and yeeeps! Here’s me playing catch-up on this week’s assignment before the clock strikes 12 to break into the weekend! 1 Post with updates for 3 of it. It’s interesting to see how fellow comrades in Blogging 101 is able to fine tune and deal with some of these on a daily basis too!

#2 – take control of your title and Tagline

Seeing how this is mainly a personal blog with events and thoughts, I’d wanted to sparkle it up from the previous version.

  • Title: 

No changes here! This is my identity and syncs with my social media platforms. Reka is my name and I like it, possibly more than I should ;). SG here is a 2-pronged approach referring to (1) my country of citizenship, a nation I’m proud to be part of – Singapore and (2) my Surname/Father’s name, which I’ve been called amongst friends and grew up with – Sadagopal.

  • Tagline: Playful Antidotes: Pushing my Boundaries* with Sparkling words and a pinch of Struggle

Had some troubles nailing this down and shared it on The Common page, to which I did get some feedback from luanneholder, trudi and asta who seemed to sway to the third option. So I decided to mix it up. Probably will change once I’ve gotten more focused (if I do)!

  1. A Catalog of Memories with Sparkling Words with a Pinch of Struggle
  2. Episodes and Experiments, A Personal Catalog of who-knows-what from SG.
  3. Pushing My Boundaries*
    *Boundary is the meaning of my name, Rekha means line (or boundaries) which was drawn in the Hindu tale Ramayana.

#3 – Say Hello to the Neighbours

On day three, we’re tasked to follow/add 5 new tags and 5 new blogs! Over this course, I’m definitely following quite a number of course-mates, so I chose to follow an additional 5 more beyond and also explore “Reader’s -Freshly Pressed & Recommended” tabs! Asking for trouble or suicide perhaps? Bring on the words and images!

#5 – Love Your Theme

Apostrophe is the theme I’m currently using (by An Automattic Medley?) and have previously customised it. Although reluctant to (very much so!), I did check out some of the themes to know what’s hot and if change is a must. Over time, I might actually change the look and feel of my blog (perhaps to Gazette or something newer)?

Theme 1 - Broadwalk
Theme 1 – Broadwalk
Theme 2 - Sorbet
Theme 2 – Sorbet
Theme 3 - Canard
Theme 3 – Canard






That means 4 out of 5 tasks done! I’m still on task #4 – Identify Your Audience, which I’m still wondering about but had fun reading course-mates entries (oops!), especially Bun Karyudo’s! Knock-Knock joke.

Time check: 11.56pm and the #GE2015, #SGElection Voting results are being accounted for!

To the weekend ahead of us!



  1. I think the Broadwalk and the Canard suits your blog as well. How’s the turn up of the elections? I do miss Singapore. 🙂


    • Your blog has been deleted! :O

      Thanks, will probably explore the themes after this course ends. It should help define who we are I think!

      The ruling party (PAP) has got 83 out of 89 seats in the Parliament. Pop-by Singapore when you can, perhaps after this hazy season! You a Singaporean or you used to work here?

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      • I stayed in my uncle’s place in Hougang. It was just roughly more than two weeks. There were times that I’d roam around in the city, buy Gong Cha in Marina Bay Sands and just sit there watching the ferries. Oh, such good times. 🙂

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      • Gong Cha!! Hahaha, that trend (flavoured tea) is back and here to stay it seems. Nice nice! It’s quite nice to walk around Singapore during working hours when most are locked away in the office 🙂

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