Blogger Awards by Bloggers: The Liebster Award & Sunshine Blogger Award

Awards. Awards. Awards. Holy Guacamole.


Got a ping a few days back from virgobeauty who had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Awards and was wondering what it was… (and it might go away)? HAHAHA. Oops. Then came the 2nd ping from MaggieMQ for The Liebster Award. I guess there’s no running away! (I feel like I’m getting a double Grammy, move over!)

Thank you ladies for this special treat and am extremely happy to have e-met you both!!

Read both the instructions and rules are the same, especially for the number of people I’ve to nominate for it. So, here’s my 2-in-1 entry for this – hope it’s not against any other rules, I’ll be mortified and I mean no disrespect!

Part 1: The Thank-Yous

Thank you VirgoBeauty for the Sunshine Blogger Award!


Thank you MaggieMQ for The Liebster Award!


Part 2: The Rules
Part 3: The Questions, 11 x 2

Answering VirgoBeauty’s questions:

  1. What book are you currently reading? Generation X by Douglas Coupland
  2. Name one goal you plan to accomplish this week. Get my resume done!
  3. Three words that describe you. Dreamer, Explorer and Contradicting
  4. Paper and Pen, OR a Laptop?? Paper and Pen!
  5. In one sentence, write a message to your younger self. Chase your dreams, but please safe money!
  6. Complete this: ________ is Life. Such is Life!
  7. Even without them speaking, whose presence causes you to smile? F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I kid, the boyfriend for now 😉
  8. Anything you want to say about yourself. I’m all ears (eyes to read). I’m finding out myself as well!
  9. What song makes you want to dance carefree? Get Some by Lykke Li.  

  10. How many tattoos do you have? 0, just have not found it.
  11. What good will you do today? Done, took care of Aunt while she was here. This should count?

Answering questions from MaggieMQ:

  1. What is your favourite word? Perhaps, it’s Perhaps!
  2. If you could be in two places at once, where would you be? Chilling out in London
  3. What do you think is the most awesome job in the world? Hotel room testers
  4. If you could be an animal what would you be? White Tiger.. a cat, a very pretty one! Just not Tom.
  5. Who was your biggest role model when growing up? My Brother
  6. If you could be president or country leader for one day, what would your biggest change be? Getting rid of Corruption.
  7. What was the last song that was stuck on your brain? Heaven’s on Fire by KISS
  8. If you had you had to listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley

  9. What is your favourite time of the day? When in Zumba classes..? Mornings, when I wake up early. (Teatime as well, when I can enjoy a nice cup of tea with snacks before/after gym).
  10. What is your favourite smell/scent? The Beach
  11. If you could dance with anyone in the world who would it be? Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory sitcom 🙂
Part 4: My Nominations goes to…. *Drumrolls*
  1. Sav N
  2. maynotbesoanonymous
  3. Yentl
  4. DitrieMarieBowie
  5. Bun Karyudo
  6. Christiellen
  7. Teacup Talk
  8. Jessie
  9. Ananya
  10. Gabriel Wong
  11. Asta
Part 5: My Questions to you

If you choose to accept this challenge 😉

  1. Chocolate or Lemon?
  2. On a rainy day, what will you be doing?
  3. If you are to go back to school (with fundings), what course will you pursue?
  4. What colour do yo find yourself wearing the most?
  5. Name an artist or personality you wish was your Uncle or Aunt.
  6. Which Country would you like to be in right now?
  7. What is your favourite festive snack or drink?
  8. Do you get 8hrs of sleep daily?
  9. Do you love your job? If it doesn’t apply to you, do you love what you’re up to?
  10. What’s your pick-me-up drink in the morning?
  11. If you were on a beach with me, what will you be doing?

Happy week ahead! Cheers lovely e-citizens ❤



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