Giffing around!
The 2 of us, tons of snaps!

Why Hello There!

Rekasg = my name (Reka) + surname (Sadagopal) and the country for which I’m a citizen of (Singapore).

This is a place for me to share my thoughts, projects and just stuff that is going on. There were times where it seemed like I had lost my identity. So here we are – a Work In Progress! Embarking on a journey to make the most out of this life given to us and just put it out there.

Armed with an Olympus Penlite ELP-6, I am out exploring and getting to know myself again.

Milestone unlocked: Bought my domain on 4th Feb 2016 after much deliberations. Yay! ❤

Occupation: Worked in Advertising (Account Servicing) and Marketing for a total of close to 9 years since school days. Collaborations and brand identities that connect with audiences are my passion. To discuss projects, simply contact me at reka.sg@gmail.com.

Hobbies: Zumba, Colouring (yes the trend got to me) and crafts, Hanging out with friends at cozy places, a glass of wine and jazz.

Loves: Traveling, Family Bonding Times, Healthy Food, and Taking good photos.

Family Matters – Some clues on decoding certain things:

  • #insiderenemy is just a pun we (I) use to refer to the Mother
  • #ahpekonwheels is in reference to the Father
  • #niece, #nephew and #kids refer the Brother’s Offsprings

Blogger Awards: Nominated for The Liebster Award by MaggieM Q and Sunshine Blogger award by VirgoBeauty on Sept 2015.sunshineawardsliebsterawards



      • Hahaha oh thanks for making me laugh out loud today. Its funny when people come to my blog and they’re like oh you’re a woman. (doesn’t make me any less creep though 😉 ) I should thought things out a bit more when chose my blog name.. but ah well. I’ve been hunting for a good red polish for a while. I tried the mac one but it’s like putting cornsyprup on your nails. Love how this one looks one you. Shopping time! 🙂


      • Mr Tookles is adorable (after one finds out that there’s a lady behind this creepy toy)! I think it’s a nice trademark/signature to keep and go by, very unique. Yes, it took me awhile to find this red polish as well.. the colours don’t always look as sharp against my dark skin tone. Am glad I found this shade, OPI is pretty good on nails. Agreed on mac ones, it’s really thick – “industrial-strength” indeed! HAHAAHA. Happy shopping and good luck with the wallet 😉


  1. Hi Reka.sg,
    You liked a comment i made on a blog indicating the blogger was funny. I came by to thank you.
    In response to your post, we used to have a phrase for someone too. It was “She Who Shall Not Be Named From Harry Potter.”
    Nice to meet you.

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  2. Hello,
    I just found your blog and I think it’s really nice : the decorations and especially the contents
    I adore your way with your images and write
    I subscribed to your feed to your not to miss No Latest News
    Thank you for visiting my blog and you subscribe there too
    What do you think of recent publications
    kisses waiting to read you

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