Blogging 101, #1: A Pause, A Hello and A Post!


Hello there, I’ve recently joined Blogging 101 to gain some focus and re-start (yet again) my thoughts online. 10years back blogging was about having a personal ranting space and has morphed into a sharing platform. Content has evolved with the type of things we share and I find myself asking what should I share instead of simply sharing my thoughts – which I find myself shy or worried to at times :/

What I baked this morning from Dr Jehanne Ali's Heart-Healthy snacks!
What I baked this morning from Dr Jehanne Ali’s Heart-Healthy snacks!

What is this blog for? 

Initially this blog was supposed to be for sharing reviews – anonymously. My ex-boss during my agency days encouraged me to share my thoughts and blogging was a way to connect with influencers and maybe even be one. My previous blogs served as a ranting platform and keeping in touch with friends!

Now, I’d like to share the on-goings of my life which seems colourful (even if some days are grey, black and blue), a place to express myself (in hopefully an un-cringing manner) and maybe connect with some – in hopes to help but mostly remember moments in life and for my loved ones to know their importance (time-to-time). There’s just too many words rolling around my head!

Lastly, one of my fears in life is that I’ll forget the good times – simple or staged, which seems to be happening every now and then. (I find myself having alot in my head and quotes from Sex and the City popping up!)

Who am I?

Such a simply question, yet I seem to be struggling with this. I am a late-20, located in Singapore (Asia), living with my elderly folks (they are in their late 60s) and currently jobless after working in 7 different companies in the past 10 years. In the past 1 year, I’ve:

  • Worked for a food portal which has revived my baking/cooking days the second I quit and got home,
  • Found myself in a long distance relationship with a man (I use this term loosely, we’re both equally kid-like and mature – yin & yang style).
  • Traveled to 8 destinations including the recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Watch my nephew and niece slowly shed from being kids to pre-teens/teens
  • Gained 10Kgs!
  • Not saved a single dime!!

Currently, I find myself:

  • Helping the family around the house – medical, cleaning and soon – painting the rooms.
  • Conflicted on the type of job to get next and coming to terms with a couple of things about the industry and myself. Being jobless does give a sense of worry yet..
  • Enjoying this amazing freedom (not for long hopefully) where I’m caught baking, colouring (oh yes!), going back to the gym for yoga and cardio plus, and with my thoughts – alot.
  • Regretting not saving up and gaining some mighty love handles!
  • Starting a collaborative blog with some polymates to share our love for.. food!


  • Carrie Bradshaw, yes fictional as she is her thoughts never failed to make me smile, laugh or ponder.
  • Pearlyn Tan, a friend who passed away last Thursday from Liver failure, updated her blog on her journey – this also is a reminder and her words have inspired me as well to get cracking! Read about her life at Degeneration to Transplantion.

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Well.. Somehow sharing has it’s perks and I believe I have varied yet interesting tales to share and get clarity. I do harbor hopes that my words are being read, maybe connect with people, and bring a smile at a memory/entry!

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Not necessarily trending topics but food, travel, family, books, new adventures, movies, musicals, a rant or two of my struggles and perhaps one day – about a life in another country!

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

Anyone who has kind words, constructive criticism or share similar tales – positive energies please.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Perhaps someone would like me to write a column, better family ties, invitations to share a meal or creative expressions – the external possibilities are endless. Internally, I hope to get to know myself better, find focus and forge ahead for a better life.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! Blogging 101 – A pause to type, A post to publish!



  1. Don’t worry to much, things will find their way. I do recognise some of the feelings and worries that you have. You are not alone. I look forward to following you on Blogging 101 journey 🙂

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  2. Hi, nice to read your introduction. When I arrived at your site, I was looking at the first page trying to decide what to click on, when suddenly the photograph of you and another smiling lady began to move! I jumped so much I nearly hit my head on the ceiling. Ha ha ha! 😀


  3. By the way, the bread looks wonderful! I understand completely your reasons for blogging. As for your occupation and lack of? Let your life unfold. Maybe where you should be is where you are. Learn from it and enjoy it. Take time with your parents and follow the path. Be active and pursue knowledge in whatever form it appears. You will be fine. It will make sense.


    • Hello there and thanks for the compliments on the loaf! I’ve seen your blog and the quilts you are working on are lovely!

      LACK OF OCCUPATION! Oh yes, watching my life unfold is a tad bit scary and a whole lot of “hmm” moments. I still have no regrets for quitting my last well-paying job. Am re-evaluating the last years of my life and just plunging into things I’ve always wondered about. Being active however is a challenge, especially with my love for sleep. Learning is the key these days, learning about myself 😀

      I hope so too, it should all make sense and not just an unfortunate life ahead. Thank you for your kind words!!

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