image A Colourful Spectrum & Year Ahead

Howdie 2016! It’s been a month since Christmas eh!

Pages 2 & 3 of Escape to Wonderland
‘And what is the use of a book’, thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?’ – Escape to Wonderland

For my first post in 2016 (aside from my hopes that it has to be a better year than 2015), I had thought to share my colourful contribution to the wave of colouring books hype that started sometime late last year. Initially I had bought one and then got the Postcards version for Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, one of my favourite books from childhood.

But then I saw it: Escape to Wonderland, A Colooring-book Adventure, illustrated by Good Wives and Warriors.

Alice in Wonderland + I get to colour + the book is not as big as the others = Of course I bought it, along with Tombow Playcolor2 markers.  And then I took almost 1.5hours colouring in the very first 2 pages. OMG, frustration stepped in and made me wonder how was this supposed to be therapeutic?! There are too many details and options on how you could colour it in. UGH.

I guess it is all about letting go and just keeping it simple.

Low-and-behold, Robyn also got me a The Magical City, A Colouring Book by Lizzie Mary Cullen for my birthday last year and it’s still in the plastic wrapping. Can’t wait to open it up, the cover looks lovely! All in all, I currently have 3 books to fill in with colours.


But first, to finish Escape to Wonderland!

Click here for some suggestions by BuzzFeed but I don’t see any of mine in there. HAHA.

I’d recommend getting just 1 thin booklet first so you do not feel overwhelmed. An outlet for frustration releasing and unleashing some color me talent is always good idea!

Disclaimer: All photos by me, colouring books mine as consumer and all illustrations do not belong to me.


  1. Glad to meet you back in the blogisphere. I, too, love to color, both coloring books and my own zentangles. I have the Secret Garden but I am very interested in the Escape to Wonderland book. Those illustrations look delightful. I hope to see you around again soon.

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    • I’m loving the Escape to Wonderland and hope you do too!! Sometimes they do get a little tedious for the average Jane like myself but looks nice afterall! HAHAA.

      Glad to meet you too! Let’s do this!

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  2. Welcome back!! You have been missed;) I have been really digging the adult coloring books and plan to get myself one ASAP! Escape to Wonderland looks like fun:)


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