A Colourful Spectrum & Year Ahead

8 thoughts on “A Colourful Spectrum & Year Ahead”

  1. Glad to meet you back in the blogisphere. I, too, love to color, both coloring books and my own zentangles. I have the Secret Garden but I am very interested in the Escape to Wonderland book. Those illustrations look delightful. I hope to see you around again soon.

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    1. I’m loving the Escape to Wonderland and hope you do too!! Sometimes they do get a little tedious for the average Jane like myself but looks nice afterall! HAHAA.

      Glad to meet you too! Let’s do this!

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  2. Welcome back!! You have been missed;) I have been really digging the adult coloring books and plan to get myself one ASAP! Escape to Wonderland looks like fun:)


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