Cotton On Body & Acai Magic at #blogmeetsg

#blogmeetsg Goodie Bags

#blogmeetsg recently popped up on my instagram feed, with acquaintances posting photos of themselves and more. Then the name Lucy (@lulabellelifestyle) popped up at work.

One thing lead to another and found myself jumping in on the bandwagon to attend the event hosted last week, Thursday, 28th January 2016. This would be my first event as a participant and nervous I was. Had to remind myself to shut my Marketing brain up, real tight. The participating sponsors were right on point with Healthy Living the direction I’m into now, venue (Lepark!) was a familiar hunt, line-up was simple and registration ($10+$1.50) was made easy with Eventbrite.

Unfortunately, the rain came down on hard (as it is right now) on Thursday, 28th Jan – a shame really. Halfheartedly, I embarked on an hour journey mostly due to curiosity and was glad to see that the event was not cancelled but merely delayed. Yay!

Cotton On Body Goodie Bag: 1 Tank, 1 Sports Bra, 2 Bottoms, 2 Fitness/Wellness Planners, 1 Selfie Stick and remote, 1 Fig & Berry Scented Soy Wax Candle, 30% Discount Coupon and a huge buffel bag!



Greeted by Cotton On’s Marketing Ladies made me surprised but happy to see how Active they were. Had a good chat with them and was intrigued with their upcoming plans – which reminds me: Check out outlets at Suntec to see the Active takeover! Not forgetting the extremely huge goodie bag filled with very practical and usable items from Active – Cotton On’s Fitness line and Typo they had in store for attendees. I was also wearing a pair of Active tights that night – something I only realised when I was home.

Snippets from the evening!

Some chit chat took place while waiting for the rain to subside and then @eattrainlove_ took over with their bootcamp – the true highlights, to be honest. Boy, she made us work up a sweat(no it was not raindrops, I checked :P)! Cheryl was clear with her instructions and offered alternatives (level up or level down). They also provided us with coupon for another session which I am sooooo going to go for!

Amongst the food sponsors, I was extremely delighted to find out that the folks behind my favourite Acai Super Bowl – @Selvafood was there dishing out complimentary bowls as a post workout snack. Cinthya was lovely with sharing information about Acai Berries and I got to savour 2 rounds of the delicious Acai with blueberries, sliced bananas, granola and chia seed. Of course, I bought a tub back (5 regular servings) and even made a round for myself this morning!

@Selvafood folks – Cinthya & Shaun doing their thing!

Other Sponsors/Participants at Event:

  • My Maha – The essential greens
  • Daily Juice – cold pressed juice & cleanses with Promo code
  • mlk -raw, cold pressed Almond Milk
  • #blogmeetsg Goodie Bag:
    • Eat Train Love – 1x Complimentary Bootcamp session
    • Made Real – Trick or Treating Trail Mix (Sample)
    • Lacues – Miracle Facial Oil (Sample)

As a marketing person, the word “WTF” and “2-weeks?!” pops-up. As a participant, I was delighted to be there and meet with like-minded souls in SG plus the people behind some of my favourite labels – Acai & Cotton On Body! Before leaving I caught sight of the ladies behind these 2 brands discussing and hope they pull through with the tie-up, 100% goodness and my support 100%!

Looking forward to the next session with #blogmeetsg and would love to drag a friend along!

Not a sponsored event. Went to paid event on own accord.
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