Yen Yakiniku – Dedicated Service and Sinful Grilling

Ann Siang Hill has gone through a revamp, with new joints stepping in and up! So when my dearest Agnes Lin (ex-boss, ex-colleague and friend) hunted me down for a dinner catch up with another pal, Henry and with her craving for Japanese food – I jumped to try Yen Yakiniku out! Key Takeaways: Yakiniku …


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Violet Herbs – Fine Dining on a Budget

Not to be missed
Violet Herbs

A session at Violet Herbs for food tasting was definitely a highlight for that week! Overall, the flavours tried and tasted were new (atleast to my buds, my taste buds) and they stuck true to Herbs as per their name.

Key takeaways:

  • Good food comes with a price, but doesn’t have to be overpriced.
  • Passion always shows in your work – like this experienced couple delivering such interesting concoctions infused with herbs.
  • Eggs poached for 1-hour are just WOW – lovely in colour, taste and richness. The said one-hour poached egg:


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