Woodlands Waterfront, Things to do in Singapore!

To think it’s been nesting right under my nose all this while.

The last and only time I’ve been to Woodlands Waterfront was in the dark with an ex-colleague/friend (Valerie) driving us (Jimmy and self) over for a night of home-cooked food and major catch up 2-3years back… or maybe more.
The bridge facing the causeway and Johor Bahru.
Anyways, fast forward to the Vesak day long weekend (30th & 31st May) that just sneaked by (at the start of June School Holidays). After 12years plus of my nephew’s first appearance, the kids finally popped by and stayed for a night.

Key takeaways:

  • Kids first stayover, picnic with us and time playing Taboo (ever)
  • #insiderenemy chilling out in Cropped Top from H&M
  • Alone time with the teen Nephew and niece still adorbs stage
  • Yay to clear sunny weather; Nay to Humid and windless afternoons

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