Career Crossroads – Again

Absolutely restless and conflicted, I am since yesterday 12:19pm after a call. It has continued onto today with me completing my laundry, making myself a Smoothie/Acai bowl, putting the clothes out, jogging and now… I’ve just collapsed on the sofa for lunch.

Job offers have trickled in and this time, I’ve to seriously consider them. Having quit my last Marketing job in Aug 2015, I’ve had a good 3month break after which I started working for Super Loco as their Guest Relations/Host.

This is where the Crossroads take place.

Completely smitten by the Brand – fun and “The Loco Way”, I’ve had a decent time onboard so far with the team at the outlet and thoroughly enjoyed some satisfaction having done/doing a good job with the customer-service (human touch) side of things. I’ve also tidied and revamped their Weekly Feedback Report to a slick excel document (from a Word Doc) amongst other small things.

The Loco Way – Company get together in Jan, where I had too much drinks and got smashed.


But of course, I’m not being paid my previous pay range for this specific position. Which is fine, replying emails and sitting guests down gets you just that.

NOW WHAT? Opportunities & Reality Checks.

  • The Loco Way: The restaurant has had an unfilled position right up my alley – Marketing Executive. This is a group with ambitious men behind it and they have plans – which is exciting. There are also gaps that I’m more than interested to close up and projects/events to sphere head. Also, I’ll be working directly with the Marketing Director. However, they are not able to provide me with the pay command I have.
  • The Corporate Way (C2): Ex-client is the Manager and I’ll be part of an established system in which there will be 2 teams working on projects concurrently. The company is BIG in SG and will be a good opportunity moving forth. Also, their offer package is a strong pull-factor. However, something tells me I’m not their first candidate, they are rushing me to make a decision by today (within 36-hour of the call), no official offer letter has not been sent to me yet but there was an email to recap.

Because of C2’s deadline, I had on of the most uncomfortable conversations with the Marketing Director last evening. Without much choice, I’d yanked on my “big girl” underpants and decided to lay the cards on the table by being transparent about the offer. After all, they’ve already had this in mind since Dec 2015/Jan 2016 and it’s been on hold (against all odds) as we have not found a replacement for my current position. I’ve seen them go on an interview spree and things are yet to be conclusive.

Of course decisions as such need time, of course there is going to be an adjustment period and learning curve from both sides. It’s not about the pay-package at all but I know I’d be a fool to give up C2’s offer without the right reason. After all its only taken me 9 year to rise to that level from $1,600 at my very first Advertising job.

Now I’m holding back my decision till I hear back from the Loco Group today, after their weekly Director’s meeting which is coming to an end soon…

Either way, I’ll be burning a bridge. A darn good bridge on both sided. Unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball to tell me which will be a better route/fit.

*fingers crossed*

P.S.: Yes, I’ve done an extensive Pro and Con list.
P.S.S.: Yes, my brains and heart are at war.



  1. tough call. Personally there appears to be more spirit in the loco way and more creative expression. We all need money to get by in life. In my experience nothing comes easy in life so it is natural to be wary of c2. let us know the outcome.


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