Colours, Interiors & Therapy: An Afternoon in iKea

I fell in love with a black rattan chair.

The agenda: Spy for a desk.. table.. whatever that can rest against my window and carry my laptop. Even considered a coffee table too! Then again, I love walking through their showroom – the agenda was just to keep me in check 😉

I did spend 3.5 Hours (including a 45-min lunch by myself) and a pretty penny!

Prior to iKea:

Image by HipVan

Spotted the table on HipVan while scurring the internet for ideas. The size looks quite right at 90cm x 40cmB x 78cmH. With a discount and $10 off, it feels promising.

Even took a memory lane walk on what was Carrie Bradshaw’s desk – remember that oak table where she would sit at looking out the window, sometimes smoking?

Remember this? Image from
And gorgeous Samantha. Image from I Fry Mine in Butter.






But first… ikea!

Right after Zumba class and with the aid of 2 buses I made my way to the bigger outlet in SG and had lunch first. Was in for a rude shock when I saw how crowded it was though, on a Wednesday afternoon. Damnit. Gone the moment of thinking you had iKea to yourself. hahaha!


Even thought to have a $1 hotdog, but fully bloated I was.

Interior inspirations following close to their catalogue in terms of highlighting key items. Tempted to get hold of that green trolley but… I wasn’t going to carry that back on my own just yet.

iKea inspirations, and the usual wardrobe envy~

Back on agenda, the Study section blessed me with an array of tables to look at. Some were even the size I wanted, a narrow desk board. Others had functional spaces below to store the laptop and hide cables, nothing less from iKea I suppose.

Chanced upon my current desk (which has been stowed away), an outdoor white table. More for outdoor teas and what not, I was starting to resent it’s width and the gaps in-between. But somehow in the showroom, the table looked quaint, small and gorgeous again. I checked the dimensions, the name and… it was the same table.

Confused, I continued walking carrying a heavy iKea bag filled with miscellaneous items (see photo below!). Glanced at the ladies forming a queue at the Fabrics section, my mind just did a “hummm”. Never have I bought fabric as it is. Looking at the prices, I realised that the fabrics came in multiple patterns and colours – would look lovely as a tablecloth. TABLECLOTH. 

I walked away but wandered back twice as I compared the prices. $140 for a new table vs $29.90 for a tablecloth vs $9.90/meter of Fabric (150cm x 100cm). The last option seemed very cost efficient and so I troubled the nice lady at the Fabrics counter and bought 2 of them!

Image by iKea.

The part where I fell in love: Somewhere down the way, a black rattan chair (Älmsta Chair) caught my attention, afterwhich bold black and white stripes/prints called out to me. A fresh look for March awaits. Grabbed a couple of stuff including a black flask as requested by #insiderenemy, a beautiful white ceramic with blue prints, water glasses with prints and laptop board.

So, it is settled then (for now) – I shall revive my forsaken white outdoor table by throwing on fabrics to set the mood! Why I love iKea – Magical solutions, sorta 🙂

Now, off to clean up my bloody mess to beautiful mess (I still love my white with a wall of dirty green!

My ikea loot!
Images taken by me with Olympus Penlite, unless credited otherwise.