Week 4: Exhausted Aspirations


Today (is a Monday): Marks the start of my 4th week being without a job (and 3rd week home). In the even that the bank is filled with dollars and cents, I’d probably still be exploring and travel for a bit. I’ve also yet to do anything I’ve been set out to do, except:

  1. Start blogging and joined in on Blogging 101 where I’ve met a couple of nice souls 😀
  2. Baking/Cooking 😀
  3. Going for gym classes, regularly 😀
Brains Space Eruption. (C) Junabrat on Photobucket

In the last couple of days, I’ve been looking up on jobs passions that I would like to pursue. From Clinic Admin, HR Executive, Travel Writer, Barista to Zumba instructor, full circle of mumbling and considerations done – to the extent of annoying the Love and getting frustrated with myself.

However, it’s time to take some action. Aside to binging on Gym Classes 😀

The Days Ahead, where there shan’t be any Beheading or C-fading.
  • Today: The Resume – From a 3-page verbal diarrhea to a 1-page relevant skills page!
  • Tuesday: Room Troom – Re-arrange furniture in room
  • Wednesday: Spare room sprucing – Clean, hook and sink some tenants in!
To the new week ahead! (C) weknowgifs.com
To a good week ahead!


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