Slow & Steady – September is here!

Tuesday, 7th Sept 2015

Since being back from Hanoi 2 weeks ago, I’ve been hiding/chiling at home and slowly started heading out with trips to the gym for classes just last week. Mostly to manage cashflow and just rest it up!

Key Takeaways:

  • Having male friends are always a good idea, especially if you’ve known each other since 16/17 but it’s important to know who are genuine.. this takes time though
  • Beach Cabana serves decent food and not bad for chilling on a weekday
  • Hatha Yoga class kicks my ass
  • The Starbucks Planner 2016 by Moleskin is sturdy and already here! *Mild Panic*
  • Counting my lucky stars for the partner I have, who chooses to tease me about meeting male pals than forbid me from going 😀

So when a dear friend contacted me to catch up – it was time to socialise! Right after Hatha Yoga class at True Fitness I headed to East Coast Park, only to realise the Haze was really bad yesterday. But the plan continued with some time co-ordination plus bus-stop compromises and we walked towards ECP with our growling tummies.

Beach Cabana at East Coast Park
Beach Cabana – Dinner for two!

The Food: I had the recommended by chef dish – Cabana Chicken, with a side salad and baked potato while my friend had fish & chips. The Cabana Chicken was not as spicy as I hoped but tender and easy to eat. The salad was almost drowning in thousand island sauce so I skipped that and had some of the baked potato with a very generous sour cream topping plus specks of bacon on it.

Cabana Chicken with Kronenbourg 1664!
Cabana Chicken with Kronenbourg 1664!

Happy Hour: They had drink promotions for an assortment of beer bottles at $12 for 2 bottles and we each had a Kronenbourg! The total bill came up to $48++ – I find it a tad expensive perhaps cause I just got back from Viet?

The Call: This was when my partner decides to give me a buzz on Skype and demand that I tell him I love him, causing me absolute embarrassment infront of my dear friend – intentionally! Of course, dear friend had to play along by pretending to cover his ears and tease me about the call. Men.

Sitting at the Waterbreakers, the boats gave off beautiful lights where we saw a Dog, Crab and Seahorse! But didn't manage to capture it!
Sitting at the Waterbreakers, the boats gave off beautiful lights where we saw a Dog, Crab and Seahorse! But didn’t manage to capture it!

We then had walked along the beach for abit, caught up on both our tales – him with him new job and me with my “new” and first relationship. We has quite abit of laugh at what it’s taken us to get here. Sat at the water breakers and showed off Yoga poses and talks on gym! When we got hungry again, we each had 2 slices of Banana Loaf I’d baked and by 11pm we were off and on our separate ways home.

The Present: But before that, we popped by Starbucks for the takeaway drink and I got my first official birthday present! The Starbucks Planner 2015, by Moleskin and a Starbucks Card 😀 The planner originally costs $38.90, but we topped up the card for $50 and the planner costed us $28.90 instead.

Birthday Present!
Birthday Present! Tadaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

Sometimes people do surprise you and you don’t have to meet often or even meet!

Blogging 101  – Day 2

Just like how many people have liked my first entry for #Blogging101’s and commented on it – I’m in shock at the response and support! So interesting!

Today’s task has been to look at our blog’s tagline and I’m still sitting on it, waiting for a stoke of genius-ness! APPEAR! 😉

Till tomorrow, counting my blessings!



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