Dim Sum Dollies – Esplanade Escapade!

Original image from Dream Academy Productions Facebook pageGot to catch Dim Sum Dollieeeeeees for the first time with my lovely ex-colleague Nuke (also known as Girl Lilikoi), and all thanks to Harry’s Singapore!

But first, let's eat.
Signatures never to be missed!
Signatures never to be missed!
Jalapeno Steak Sliders (Beef), yum yum!
Jalapeno Steak Sliders (Beef), yum yum!

Cause we were running late and Harry’s Singapore is just there at the Esplanade, we popped by for a quick “bite”, which was actually Harry’s Signature Wings, Jalapeno Steak Sliders and Fries. She got herself an Iced Lemon Tea and I got myself a nice glass of Moscato. Yes, afternoon show and I was indulging in my favourite kind of wine.

Yay to Harry’s for having my Moscato!


And off to the local comedic musical! A musical that went into flashback mode and dragged out some iconic folks of history, Singapore’s ancestors, forefathers, your grandfather and gave them such a local twist – I was in stitches from laughter for awhile. They covered Singapore’s period from 1800s – 1970s.

Enjoyed how they identified key roles that shaped Singapore’s history and gave them such colourful characterisation. Plus, they weaved in so many current events and on-goings – effortlessly (ERA & NTUC all also “kanah” punned). That made it seem like our ancestors were paving the way right into today’s world and…

This is Singapore. Truly.

Hossan Leong popped in, out, fluttered about and charmed my socks off. His role was vast in this 2hour skit – from conquerors who disregarded Temask,  “Sayang Sayang” Sang Nila with his Siti to find a City, to Ms Singapore that got kicked out of a pageant – he was a revolving wonder (image the Mask, but with clearer purpose)!

Last song, with our Flags in the Air! Together Together.
Last song, with our Flags in the Air! Together Together. Starring Selena Tan, Pam Oei, Denise Tan and Hossan Leong. Directed by Glen Goei! Image from Nuke!

Perhaps this is how history class should be, but it won’t be fun with a G-rating. A beautiful cabaret comedy musical. Ingenious and 100% local flavour!

One feedback (if they ever come-by my blog), the announcements should have been spread out to be at the start and end of intermission, and the ending. It felt like a never ending to-do list being dished out at the end, when all I wanted was to relive some of the moments and check out the merchandise! #justsaying, or maybe I’ll tweet it to sexy Hossan Leong.

The 2 of us, tons of snaps!
The 2 of us, tons of snaps! Goofy faces after Dim Sum Dollies.

Some of the artwork in Esplanade. Of course, we had to go and check if it was vinyl sticker or painted on (aka occupational hazards).

Wall Art at Esplanade
Wall Art at Esplanade
Hanging man, Active man!
Hanging man, Active man!

Thanks Harry’s & my lovely Nuke for the wonderful Saturday afternoon!

(& then I went to Wild Oats at Punggol Park to meet another bunch. Wild Oats at Punngol currently has a bad service/food compared to their Mount Emily times, so we ran off to Chomp Chomp after that!)

So catch it, catch and watch the Dim Sum Dollies before they shimmy away!

June Holidays. June Holler-days!