And so we are back!

But who is she now?

It’s been more than a year since my last post which declared me going on “permanent” leave from a start-up agency. Ever since, I’ve: 

  • Started work at a food portal and crossed a year mark
  • Travelled to Jakarta, India, Bali, Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne. Then again to Jakarta over the recent Labour’s Day weekend.
Bali, Dubai and Melbourne.
  • Lost and got into shape, only to put back on some weight that refuses to leave me (let’s blame it on the food shall we?)
  • Watch my nephew and niece continue to grow-up
  • Attended a few close pal’s weddings, one in India – which leads to…
  • Somehow being entangled in a relationship. A long distance one at that.
Sharja Dessert, UAE
So here we are again! To a new experiences and moments in life that take our breathes away.