Breakfast at Harry’s Boat Quay, why not?

If you’re in search of a place on the outskirts on town or at the CBD zone, Harry’s Breakfast is an option not to be missed! At an alfresco along the Singapore River is Harry’s, serving their recently launched breakfast from 8am till 10.30am daily.

Personally, it was nostalgic to be at Boat Quay and peaceful in the mornings (especially on that Saturday we were there).

And so, there we were! More than ready to dig into their 6 out of 8 dishes from their Modern European Comfort food for Breakfast – and boy, were we in for a treat on a Saturday morning!

The Menu that explains it all - Harry's in Boat Quay
The Menu that explains it all
OpenRice members doing their thing - Harry's in Boat Quay
OpenRice members doing their thing

First came the Croissant Croque Monsieur ($12)! A buttery and soft alternative with the croissant – (apparently) was a new twist deviating from its traditional ways by Harry’s. Filled with Ham and Cheese plus topped with béchamel sauce for a subtle sweetness, this dish was definately a favourite for me. It was chewy and almost melted in my mouth can?! shocked cry excited  There’s also a Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs Croissant for those who’d prefer something aside to ham.

Croissant Croque Monsieur - Harry's in Boat Quay
Croissant Croque Monsieur, yes please Monsieur!
Then came Assorted Muffins ($2.90/piece), 4 flavours were presented to us: Banana and Peanut Butter, Raisins and Walnuts, Granny Smith (Green Apple), and Raspberry with Cheese. Seems like they have them baked fresh daily and there’re special flavours of the day which you can check with the staff. But I was happy with the selection presented to us! At $2.90 + Freshly Baked + Yummy Flavours = SOLD star
Assorted Muffins - Harry's in Boat Quay
Assorted Muffins – Freshly baked, yummy flavours

I learnt something new about how the cut of this bread slices is called Soliders when the Soft Boiled Eggs & Marmite Soldiers ($7) was brought to us. Served with soft boiled eggs in a separately ceramic bowl with cover – this is best eaten once served and definatley is scrumptious alternative for our regular half-boiled eggs! Also the Soliders were cheesy… I like  mad like

Soft Boiled Eggs & Marmite Soldiers - Harry's in Boat Quay
Soft Boiled Eggs & Marmite Soldiers – Soldiers, Eggs and Marmite!

Dig into the Chicken Pot Pie ($12) immediately once it’s infront of you! The Chicken Pot Pie with its crisp exterior and creamy chicken interior is definately a one-plate wonder. The creamy chicken was surprisingly comforting on a fine Saturday morning. There’s also Mushroom and Potatoes Velouté with Vegetables (option for Vegetarians).

Chicken Pot Pie - Harry's in Boat Quay
Chicken Pot Pie

Lastly, the Fries up were served – Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Fry Up and the Vegetable Fry Up ($13 each) (option for Vegetarians). 2 sunny side ups with an assortment of ingredients and 2 slices of toasted sourdough bread (which we made into a heart-shape because it’s what you do. Perhaps it was all the meat from previous dishes or perhaps one just needs their vegetable intake for the day, I seemed to prefer the Vegetable Fry Up with fine beans, mushrooms, peas and cherry (to-make-you-merry) tomatoes. Broke the egg yolks on the bread for a softer experience  lol yuk

Vegetable Fry Up - Harry's in Boat Quay
Vegetable Fry Up
Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Fry Up - Harry's in Boat Quay
Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Fry Up

Harry’s also has Harry’s Champion Breakfast which has all-the-works with sausages, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, eggs and toast – which we didn’t get to try out. But look at all those that we did, there was definitely no space left in the tummy zone!

Another thing to note is… you can always add on “a little something for a heartier breakfast”, ranging from meat options, Smoked Salmon, different types of toast or beans and mushrooms.

Kudos to Harry’s for launching Brunch – a very delicious one and tapping on their calming alfresco atmosphere. It’s nice to have an uninterrupted view at Boat Quay in the daytime (considering it’s always been a place to hangout at night) with the lovely company of #OpenRice members who enjoyed food and fun/funny conversations with  smileheart flower balloon

So, yes. Yes, go and have your brunch there one of these days before it gets filled in, daily.

(Emoticons from OpenRice Singapore.)