Music: Melodies of the Night & Obsessions of the Mind

Music has always has been something I turn to… for everything actually, unless I desired absolute silence and go into “coma” phase therein shutting the world out (yes it happens!!)

And when I like a song – it’s on repeat for a couple of hours or days… weeks sometimes. An ex-colleague, CK, used to complain and bitch (AIYOOO!! NOT AGAIN!!!) when I had Adele’s “Let the Sky Fall” (OST of James Bond version) on repeat while trying to “let them hear” the difference when songs have full orchestra instead of studio sounds. He even started to hate one of the songs he liked (okay I’ll admit I was being obnoxious for that one).

This mind always seeks the sweet symphony of classics and melodies to calm it down. It also tunnels its way into the language and race I was born into – Tamil. 

Somehow, the impact of these songs are always atleast two-folds more… the lyrics, the way the words are carefully spilled and so inline with the melodies, the tune that wraps one in a warm embrace keeps you safe…  just breath-taking and magical. Makes you feel like floating sometimes. Oh, never try to do a direct translate of them! It’s the beauty of the language (or maybe I’m bias). There’s only 1 song that’s made me cry and it’s in Tamil, they’ve made me get goosebumps and feel like I’ve lost the “love of my life”. 

I melt like warmed butter under the influence of the right music, or feel heartache/shatter or in some cases – dance like a crazy crackwhore. I’m that lunatic that suddenly smiles and eyes start twinkling when the right song is playing. You might also notice how my legs will be twitching or strained until I find a corner to do a simple twirl, sway, spread my arms and feel the wind. Can’t help it!

In the sweet recess of tonight and the absence of other humans, my current wave pleasure comes from the harmony by a rising (at a very rapid pace) composer, the lyrics are minimal yet impactful and sung in the most soothing and soft manner, yet strong and with open vocals at the some points. The starting is really sexy – makes you want to stretch out and just wait to receive the song… A perfect calming blend to soothe thee mind. Erm, but the song is about getting your dreams “dissolved”…

Tadah – Kanavae Kanavae from Tamil movie titled David (it has a “killer” soundtrack btw) and this movie has an assortment of artists collaborating which is not the norm for this specific industry. This one: the music is and sung by Anirudh Ravichander and written by Mohan Raj. This track was used in bits – more of a background score, only amplified at certain points when needed. Anirudh… he’s done yet another spectacular job and captured the essence required for a soft, subtle shattering track. No idea how to explain nor elaborate, it’s just brilliant. 

Ah.. I love it!

Here’s the track against a fanmade video hosted on YouTube:
Other songs I’ve had on repeat this month:
  • Counting Stars by OneRepublic
  • Bedroom Hymns by Florence + The Machine (OST of Gatsby version)
  • Sail by Awolnation
  • All Star by Smash Mouth (hahahaa classic?)
Going to pack up from office and head home… to dream.