Fitness: 5am Sunday toward Marathon Mayhem (& family/friends/work)

So for the first time this year (I think.. i think..), had to wake up at 5am to get my cranky ass on it’s way to my first official 10.5km (1/4 marathon) at ECP, Singapore – Tri-Factor by Pokka Sportswater. But honestly snoozed and rolled out at 5.45am but was still on time to meet with the cousin by 6.50am at the Big Splash. (of course, picked Thuls on the way and we cabbed down).


  • Initially, was supposed to be done with a good friend who was in town for 3months and her #hottestmaleever cousin. And then the PSI skyrocketed and we find ourselves fast-forwarding to Oct when Mona (said friend) is back in Aussie & transferred her race pack to her Sis. 
  • I have honestly been wanting to do this for awhile to check on my stamina (cause the usual jogs only go for 5km+/-,and between Zumba and bellydancing only god knows what’s going on with my fitness right now).
  • Well, her cousin is really hot 😉 I kid. 
The racepack did have the information we needed but up till Sat night 11pm me and Thuls were “where?”, “what time?” mode. Racepack also included 2x Sportswater cans, sunscreen for FACE only, energy sachet from their sponsors, a voucher and of course the raceshirt. 
Pretty surprise we even made it and completed the rack in 1 piece. Interesting, I wouldn’t mind doing it again but the registrations for a few lined up this year are already closed. (*Fingers crossed for Electric Run*) I’m waiting for the aching to begin but we’ll see. Also waiting for the photos to be up on their website:
Here’s some snippets till then:
I got home at 11am (which is usually the time I actually wake up during weekends), followed up with abit of work, did my laundry, went for “marketing” with mummy dearest and went out to catch GRAVITY with a couple of friends (old and new). Had a quick dinner at Wine Connection, Cuppage (one of my favourite hunts) and was home by 10pm. Upon which I had to settle some work things 😉
So after a busy weekend (took my cousin-in-law out on Sat!), here’s to a relative early night and a strong week ahead with work & play! Looking forward to Tues and Wed where dinner plans have been lined up, yosh!
Happy October & into the 3rd Quater of 2013~