Celebrations: 26th Birthday Cheer (Prepping for tonight’s indulgence!)

So it’s happening tonight and it’s 11.45am already!!

Seems like the worst weekend to celebrate with work running in the back on my mind non-stop. Today will be the sum of all evil as I’ll be trying to accomplish the following before 7.30pm:

  • Find, select, match and buy clothes to wear for tonight (hurhurhur)
  • Pit-stop at Sephora to purchase the very much needed Bare Minerals loose powder, concealer & primer from Smashbox and blush from Makeupprofessionals & collect BIRTHDAY gift 🙂
  • Pit-stop at Plaza Singapura to take measurements of client’s product. (1.45pm – 2.15pm)
  • Head to Typo (Change Alley) to get party favours for 30pax 
  • Reminders to all party-goers: Whatsapp spam alert!
  • Get nails done (Gelish to match outfit)
  • Reach home by 5pm and 
    • Pack all party favours/Taboo/Chalkboard plus chalk
    • Empty out digital camera, charge battery (OMFG)
    • 2nd Shower, smell nice and clean inclusive of hair on head
    • Make-up and dress up
    • Grab Camera, props and party favours before running outta home
    • Cab down, fetch Cindy and locate Aditi
  • Arrive at location and handover credit card for Food.
Sit down and look pretty! Laugh, enjoy and be at complete bliss 🙂